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A retreat of tranquility in the heart of Las Terrenas, a traditional Arabic bath where you can enjoy all kinds of therapies, a place to disconnect and stimulate the senses.

Hammam means warm steam and it represents a purification ritual. We will provide you with a personal locker, bottled water, a Turkish Wrap, a robe and a pair of slippers to wear while you are at Hammam Kef. During all treatments your body will be fully draped except for the area being worked on in order to protect your modesty. After your experience, retreat to our tea lounge to enjoy tea and cookies. 

Signature Treatments


Classic Hammam US$30

This steam and body exfoliation treatment is part of the authentic traditions of the Middle East. It begins by soaping the body with charcoal or Aleppo soap and 15 minutes in our hammam steam room, to relax your muscles and detoxify your body, followed by the bathing ritual that combines exfoliation and deep cleansing practices, together with warm and cool water techniques. It concludes with a 15-minute full body massage with scented oil or cream.  This treatment will cleanse your body and gently soothe your spirit. 


Hammam Honey/Ghassoul Clay US$35

This treatment is rich in minerals that reduces dryness and improves skin texture. It counteracts the demineralization effect caused by stress. Your skin will be exfoliated and cleansed before being wrapped and treated to a scalp, neck and shoulder massage as the clay penetrates. It concludes with a 15-minute full body massage and cream application to richly moisturize your skin.


Gommage (sugar or salt exfoliant) US$40

It is a classic exfoliation method that leaves the skin smooth and soft while also treating and hydrating at the same time. It concludes with a 15-minute full body massage with scented oil or cream.


Relaxing Massage


Revives tired and fatigued muscles by using moderate to firm pressure to manipulate the soft tissues of the body and increase circulation, leaving a feeling of revitalization and relaxation.

30 minutes $25 ٠ 45 minutes $30 ٠ 60 minutes $40

Deep Tissue Massage


Recharge the body with this powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress using deep movements and stretching techniques concentrated on specific areas of concern.

30 minutes $30 ٠45 minutes $42 ٠ 60 minutes $55

Anti-Cellulite Massage


Stimulates the deep layers of the skin and the muscle, encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood to the area, which improves the condition of your skin, as well as helping the lymphatic system to remove any toxins and excess fluid.

45 minutes $35 ٠60 minutes $40

Vichy Massage


Revitalize the body with this Vichy shower massage. It uses multiple shower heads attached to a horizontal bar above your body.  The therapist/s will rub and exfoliate your skin. This type of hydrotherapy provides an immunity boost by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

30 minutes regular $40 / 4-hand $55 60 minutes regular $70 / 4-hand $82

Umuti Massage (hot stone)


Hot stone massage allows you to quickly get into a deeper state of relaxation and relax tired and overused muscles. When heat is applied to a sore area of the body, blood vessels widen, and blood flow increases to transport excess lactic acid and other toxins away from tired muscles. 

45 minutes $40 ٠60 minutes $50

Four-Hand Massage


Two masseuses work together to send you into a deeper state of relaxation and to improve blood circulation, stress reduction, increased muscle tension relief, improved mood, and anxiety relief.

30 minutes $40 ٠ 45 minutes $55 ٠ 60 minutes $70


Mini Facial $25


This facial includes cleansing, exfoliating and masking with a neck and shoulder massage. (30 minutes) 

Hydrating Facial $45


A treatment using Germaine de Capuccini Options Hydra-System line that hydrates, smooths and provides suppleness to all skin types. Helps fatigued and stressed skin and restores the skin's optimal level of hydration and softness.

Balancing Facial $45


A treatment using Germaine de Capuccini Options Control Complex line that balances and normalizes the level of oil in the skin, fights pore clogging, reduces break outs and shine giving the skin a matte appearance and provides an immediate feeling of comfort.

Anti-Aging Facial $45


A treatment using Germaine de Capuccini Options line that regenerates, revilatizes, restores firmness of the skin.  Provides deep hydration and a lifting effect. Wrinkles are less visible.

Custom Facial $40


 Takes you on a relaxing journey to your healthiest-looking skin. This facial includes a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. (60 minutes) 

Additional Services

Full Body Wrap US$35


Our unique formula will detoxify an refine the skin. The product is applied over your whole body, with the intention to deliver a therapeutic effect, such as hydration, re-mineralizing, or detoxification. It will leave your skin silky smooth while leaving your body and mind fully rested.

Head Massage $25


Designed to release stress and tension, improve circulation, and drain away accumulated toxins. The service focuses on the scalp, neck, face and shoulders. Using warm coconut oil and essential oils to stimulate the senses, this massage helps create a sense of peace and well-being. (30 minutes)

Sugaring (caramel waxing)


We use our own caramel and the right techniques to make an otherwise uncomfortable experience, comfortable.

Upper lip $5 ٠Chin $5 ٠ Full Arm $10 ٠Underarm $7 ٠ Half Leg $12 ٠ Full Leg $18 ٠ Chest $18 ٠ Back $18 ٠ Bikini $15 

Add-ons to any Treatment


● Massage:  +15 minutes $10 ٠ +30 minutes $20 ٠ +45 minutes $30

● 4-hand massage: +15 minutes $25 ٠ +30 minutes $40 ٠ +45 minutes $60

● Nourishing Hair mask (hydrate and deeply condition)  $10

Face mask $10


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